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RJ Tokarz Medical imaging Radiation Safety Corp
2001 • Celebrating 20 Years In Business • 2021

Our Services

Diagnostic Services

Commissioning of imaging equipment, ACR accreditation, annual testing and shielding design for CT scanners, mammography systems, MR scanners, and nuclear medicine imaging are just a few of the diagnostic and consulting services we provide to our clients.

Industrial Services

We can serve as your particle accelerator or radiation safety officer, providing safety training and equipment survey testing for handheld units, X-ray diffraction systems, scanning electron microscopes, baggage scanners and more. We also perform annual audits and licensing for radioactive materials programs.

Dental Services

Services to dental radiographic units are an ever-expanding part of our business. We provide inspections, consultations and support for conventional dental radiography, panographic, cephalometric, and cone beam computed tomography (CT) to dental offices, periodontists and oral surgeons throughout the state of NJ.

Personnel Monitoring

As an authorized dealer for Mirion Technologies, we offer personnel monitoring (dosimetry) services from the leading provider of TLDs. We review occupational exposure, provide both standard and customized reporting, and offer corrective action for ALARA 1 and ALARA 2 exposure levels.


RJ Tokarz Medical Imaging Radiation Safety Corp provides on-site or online training for hospital staff, residency programs, freestanding surgicenters or any medical or industrial facility utilizing x-ray producing devices and/or radioactive material.

ACR Accreditation

We work with you to obtain ACR accreditation for CT (including NEMA XR 29 compliance), MRI, mammography, nuclear medicine, PET and ultrasound equipment. We are board certified and have been providing this service to our clients since the inception of ACR accreditation itself.

Our Mission

We help our clients consistently produce the highest quality diagnostic images, while optimizing the safety of patients, staff and the general public by ensuring compliance with all state and Federal regulations.

Years In Business

Active Clients

Years of Combined Experience

Our Team

Steven P. Glennon, M.S., DABR

Steven P. Glennon, M.S., DABR

Medical Physicist

Board Certification in Diagnostic Medical Physics

Robert J. Tokarz, M.S., DABR

Robert J. Tokarz, M.S., DABR


Board Certification in Diagnostic Medical Physics & Nuclear Medical Physics

Radiation Safety Officer (RSO)

Particle Accelerator Safety Officer (PASO)

Laser Safety Officer (LSO)

William P. Csaszar, M.S.

William P. Csaszar, M.S.

Medical Health Physicist

Former Supervisor, Radioactive Materials Licensing Program, N.J. State DEP

Amy Tokarz, Office Manager
Scuba, C.G.C.

Scuba, C.G.C.

Company Canine

AKC Champion

Therapy Dogs International Certification

Canine Good Citizen

Graduate, Drewl University, Madison, NJ

Our Clients

Through our diagnostic, accreditation, industrial, training and personnel monitoring services, we serve over 300 clients across the U.S.—many of whom have been with us for 10 years or more.

Our Company

At RJ Tokarz Medical Imaging Radiation Safety Corp, we’re proud to say that we’ve never advertised our services. Over the past 18 years, we’ve built our business entirely upon referrals from satisfied customers. That’s because we’ve always considered the facilities we serve to be partners, rather than clients.

That means we’ll do everything in our power to conduct your inspections at a time that ensures optimal patient throughput at your facility.

It means that when you call to schedule an inspection, you’ll be speaking with Amy, our office manager–the same person you’ve been dealing with for 18 years. And it means that the physicist who visited your facility last year–Steve, Bill or Bob–will likely be the same person who conducts this year’s inspection.

It’s that consistency that’s kept us at the forefront of medical physics service providers in the N.J. metro area since 1999. But consistency doesn’t mean standing still—this year we’re building an innovative online customer portal that will allow secure, 24/7 access to inspection history and reporting for the facilities we serve.

As we enter our 20th year of service to the medical community, we continue to focus on our core mission—helping our partners achieve the best possible diagnostic images, while maintaining the highest standards for both safety and regulatory compliance.

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